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We’re Built for Banking Partners.


Provide your self-employed customers and Microbusinesses with services and products that fit their unique needs.

Financial institutions already serve a large number of self-employed customers within their retail banking segment. Many, however, are missing a valuable opportunity to expand their products to reach a growing market*.

RoamHR partners with financial institutions to offer self-employed customers an enhanced banking experience that addresses the specific financial management needs that come with self-employment.

*Estimates of the US self-employed market exceed 50 million workers.



Challenger banks wish they had the service you provide.

RoamHR helps our partnering institutions compete directly with challenger banks by providing white label services to deliver cutting-edge, targeted features.

Customers enjoy the same trust and service that they receive from you on core banking products, while taking advantage of tough to deliver segment specific capabilities..



Core to us is your success.

The RoamHR platform has been built with a powerful set of APIs that allow for easy integration into existing banking channels.

We’ve standardized our integrations to cores such as Fiserv DNA¬†allowing direct connections to native accounts and speed to market.



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