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IRS Tax Payment Service

by Oct 26, 2019Product Features

RoamHR is about to save you a lot of trouble. We can make your quarterly estimated tax payments for you, via a program through the IRS. If you are using the platform to save for your taxes, this is a huge advantage, and, needless to say, will save you lots of time and stress. To sign you up for this service and make your payments, we need a little more information that the IRS requires.

1. Open RoamHR

To sign up, go to Settings and then Tax Payments.

2. Follow the instructions and fill out the required IRS form

By filling out and e-signing this separate form, you enable us to pay your quarterlies through the IRS EFTPS system on your behalf. (You will, however, still receive your IRS EFTPS pin number via mail. This allows you to see your payments in the EFTPS system.)

3. Activate RoamHR for Auto Payments

The RoamHR platform needs to know that you are signed up and eligible (enrolled), and also that the platform has been activated. This ensures that we don’t pay anything to the IRS that you don’t authorize.

To activate the program, once you have signed up and e-signed the form, just go to the Pay button at the bottom of the dashboard and activate the program for Auto Payments.

Auto Pay will make payments five days before the scheduled IRS due date. It will make payments up to the balance of the account, for as much as the projected requirement.

That’s it! If only you had known sooner, right?

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