Accounts that make being self-employed easier.

RoamHR accounts are from real banks… with tellers and stuff.

Our first checking and savings package is available from Somerset Trust Bank, an awesome community bank in Pennsylvania that was founded in 1889.  If you live in PA, OH, MD, or DC, You can open this free account online and start using all of our features.

Somerset Trust Company Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender

Accounts Include

The accounts offered with the Roam Gig Suite are standard FDIC insured bank accounts opened in the customer’s name. Accounts include standard banking features such as ATM access, statements, bill pay, mobile banking access and online banking through Somerset Trust Bank.

 Tax Withholding Recommendations

Quarterly Payment Reminders

Optional IRS Payments

 Factors income from a “Normal” (W2) Job

Roamtrack Invoicing

 Automatically Track Mileage

 Automatically Track Bank Expenses

 Instant transfers between checking and tax withholding accounts

Only pay what you need to on Tax Day.

We see when you get paid and help you move your tax withholdings into a secure,  FDIC Insured bank account* at the touch of a button – out of sight, out of mind!

*The RoamHR Tax Withholding account is an FDIC Insured direct deposit account opened in your name at a certified financial institution.

We’ll handle your taxes when you get paid.

We’ll automatically suggest how much to save based on your income and help you seamlessly move that amount into your RoamHR tax withholding account. 

You’re on the move.

We’re there with you.

With our mobile app, we track your mileage and expenses to keep your taxes as low as possible.

Don’t be surprised at the end of the year.

Let us handle the deadlines.

Taxes for the self-employed are structured differently. We’ll help make sure you avoid IRS fines by filing your taxes on time each quarter.

No more guessing, overpaying, or scrambling through records.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do IRS payments work?

Once you sign up and activate payments, we can move funds into your Tax Withholding account for payment to the IRS.  You receive an EFTPS Pin number from the IRS to view any payments we make on your behalf.

Can I take my tax savings back at any time?

Yes, you can easily take your tax savings out of your RoamHR Tax Withholding account. You will still need to pay the government that money and RoamHR helps keep your taxes low.

Do I Need to open an account?

RoamHR works with real institutions to deliver the best feature set available for its customers.  Many of our partners offer free accounts.

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  *Somerset Trust Company - Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender